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Day 21

So I passed the mantle of the president of the African Heritage Studies Club I started to my friend. I’m sure she’ll do a good job and I’m confident that I left it in good hand. Finally had the phone interview for my job today, Hope I get taken on as full time instead of the intern position I hold currently. I would really like to have the chance to do more writing, I’m steadily working on chapter four of my novel Scrawl of Dreams, but it’s going really slow because of other things I’m doing. It has been a hectic week, but hopefully I get some quiet time and a nice surge and flow of inspiration so i can do the chapter justice. I hope it happens soon.

22 The Countdown to Graduation

So I finally made it. I am leaving the institution known as The College of Staten Island and although the real world is much harder, I’m not approaching it with trepidation because I kinda have a job and I’ll be freer to work out and start martial arts classes and spend more time on my novel (I miss writing full time) So Good bye college, I’ll only miss a few people but not you.

Crisis on one earth

So i started an African Heritage Studies Club at my college last semester and now I’m graduating in 22 days so new officials must be elected, sounds easy right? Well It would be if more than half the officers did their jobs or were helpful in any way. The brunt of the work now falls on myself and the future president, which is completely unfair to her. Now when i started this everyone was new including myself so no one knew what to do, but a semester in we’ve done or attempted enough to know what we’re doing, so why is everyone slacking off? The problem is this notion of slacking off and the mindset of apathy that goes with it is prevalent among the black community in my college, It doesn’t worry me as much as It makes me angry and I know the Ancestors are angry furious I’m sure. So as tomorrow approaches I’m going to try one last time to incite a fervor in my people (I set up a power point for just such an occasion) In hopes that they will realize that nothing has really change below the surface and that we are still facing a crisis of great proportions.