Old Review of Almighty street team.

Almight Street Team (Street Level Awesomeness)

 The Iron Shogun Ogunn takes over Bridgeport city and floods It with crime, cutting off all outside contact by destroying all its buildings killing many. When the police try to get involved he bombs their HQ and then destroys the entire financial sector.
With law defeated and criminals from outside allowed to run roughshod it is up to the Almighty Street TEAM to bring order to the Chaos. This is a collaborative effort by several creators of color who brought their individual heroes together to make a book that is actually started as a prequel to a video game but due to popularity is now getting a series. his is a great start into the world of indie street level superheroes. Featuring Characters Like Dodge from Punx of Rage and Black Bird from the GN Black Bird:Growing pains.  


Started working on the second issues to both Extra/Ordinary and Lawful Evil. So expect that soon. My much delayed first comic will be, delayed again due to my own oversights but it’ll be out. And last but not least I’m changing my imprint it’s gonna be the current title of this blog. What does NMC stand for? Well you’ll have to wait and find out.