Extra/ordinary: The Story of the Dark Earth

In the year 2031 after the collapse of the US government the rise of the UCC (United Council of Corporations) and the uniting of the pacific rim, a meteor made of an unknown metallic substance crash lands into Madagascar altering its inhabitants and the world forever. Years later the island would spawn beings with extraordinary powers who would be sought out and exploited by the remaining powers. Now after years of isolation the Island of Stella Vera will be posed a question by the world powers, “Pick a side or we will exterminate you.” This is the story of the Extra/Ordinary men and women of the world we know as Dark Earth.

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So things have slowed down lately. But they’re about to pick right back up again, Extra/Ordinary’s penciling process has started and Lawful Evil’s first page is looking close to done. I’ve got some other stuff coming up to after these two pieces but I’ll leave you some questions/Teasers.

Who is the MC wannabe?

And how many breaths do you take in 12 hours?


New Things in the Underland.

So I’ve been working on bunch of new shit for real. Four new books. The first being the Extra/Ordinary Dark Earth stuff that I’ve been posting the art for. The next is an adult web comic about super villains,this is a collaborative effort with a good friend of mine and promises to be dope business. I’m also doing a personal piece about my first date with my girlfriend and the week that followed. And last but not least an homage to true hip-hop and rpgs with another good friend of mine. Hope you all stay tuned as these things come down from the Underland.