Something to Aspire to.

In 1966, an interviewer in Japan asked Coltrane what he hoped to be in five years, and Coltrane replied, ‘A saint.

This is on the parchment of his stained glass painting int he church of St. John Coltrane in relation to God.

“…pursue Him in the righteous path…” and declares “…Yes, it is true, Seek and ye shall find. Only through Him can we know the Most Wondrous Bestowals…”

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Beyond Comics presents the first in the ALL SHADES OF GREY series LIFE AND DEATH IN PARADISE ,a graphic novel set on the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados.A gritty story with a mix of action and drama all brought to life with colourful visuals of the island paradise. Follow the mix of characters as they cross paths in this world where things aren’t so black and white.

For Mature Audiences

Story by Nigel Lynch and illustrated by Matthew Clarke.


When I was younger I had a fear of the future. Not for any particular reason, just that I assumed that their were somethings coming that you just couldn’t control. The future made me nervous very nervous and today I know why…choice is a lie.

When I was younger the only thing I ever wanted was peace of mind, I wanted that more than anything in the entire world. I figured if I had that I could brave anything, I still want that…But either you have it or you don’t…choice is lie

We are told we are given a choice in matters, but that is a lie, you don’t choose whether you need to eat or Breath. You don’t choose whether you need to sleep or drink. Choice is a very big lie perpetuated by this reality to keep itself alive. Either something is somethings or it isn’t and this reality is one thing a horror. There are somethings that a beautiful in it, but they seem to only serve to be destroyed and make suffering all that much more painful. So in the end choice is a lie…Although then what is truth?


In this reality, this beautiful nightmare, this horrible dream… It seems that one can be the most wicked evil unforgivable person in the world, but never Good enough or too Good. What I mean is, a person can commit the most horrible acts possible and be completely evil. But a person must painfully strive against outside and internal forces to truly be Good. That doesn’t seem like balance to me, both should be equal easy to accomplish or easily difficult. And while I’m not saying everyone can become a mass murderer, It seems so much easy to do little bad things then little good things. Why is that? Are humans predisposed to this ? or are they in fact condition to this ? What is the true nature of this thing? Is it even prudent to question? Why is it that more people want something from you than just to love you? Why must someone want something from you and why do most people want things from others that are so parasitic? Do Humans need to prey on each other? could we survive any other way? I think so. Maybe we’ve been beaten by the bullies so much that we become bullies, that we now need to beat on others, to take and feed and break and hurt and leech? And Why, Why is it so damn hard to love, but easy to use? Forget hate, usury is the real problem and I’m guilty of it, my asking this question doesn’t mean I’m not, I’m just wondering is there a way out of this mode of thinking? and if so what, can it be found has it already been? It doesn’t matter if it’s easy to get there, but if it exists then it can be met. God Bless Amen.