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My first ever comic the Hierophants Back on Sale Digitally.

The Hierophants Digital

Marcus Ripley is following his families legacy as the Geist, New York cities one and only hero. However that all changes when the death of a young man sparks civilians into action and a new vigilante emerges and takes center stage.

In the year 2011 the world has come to a turning point. Change or be washed away in the coming cosmic tide. The architects of that change are the Hierophants, a family of celestial concepts born to bring humanity into an age of new wonders or the ashes of an old hell. Enter Marcus Ripley the cities one and only protector the Geist who will learn that his days of following his father and grand father’s footsteps are over. It now falls on him that will not only affect his family, but the fate of the very universe he lives in. He will soon learn that he must rise above the waves of fate, or be drowned in the undertow. Magic, Humanity, love and self-discovery await in this occult, noir thrill ride.

Review: Virgin Wolf #1 Or Who’s Afraid?

Some time ago, I reviewed One Nation # 1, a comic written by Jason Reeves and Alverne Ball. It’s a book I think everyone should read and it introduced me to the undiscovered talent Ball possessed. I later learned that he was working on a solo series called Virgin Wolf and figured it’d make a great follow-up to ON.


The story opens with our main character, Virgin, making her way through a hive of scum and villainy. Here, she has a sword to heart talk with the guards of a notorious noble, who is spending some ‘quality time’ with a woman of the evening.  Of course the noble, named Louie ‘The loon’ Granville, doesn’t take too kindly to this interruption, and responds by transforming into a werewolf before attacking Virgin. Unshaken by this, our heroine confronts him head on, effectively removing his (head) from his shoulders during their exchange. What follows is a manhunt, for his killer and reveals Virgin’s quest for vengeance. 


While not a fan of medieval setting, I do like the fact that Ball used the common misconceptions of women in that era to Virgin’s advantage. In the eyes of any man, a woman would be incapable of hurting anyone let alone killing Louie, allowing her to get away with it. Virgin however, proves that she is a forced to be reckoned with, conjuring images of Frank Miller’s Electra in her prime. We’re also introduced to the son of the area’s duke, who while still unnamed, seems like he’ll have a bit of emotional depth to him. The brief exchanges with his father are enough to paint a sympathetic portrait of a young man hungry for admiration. It’s also interesting that the roles in the comic, at least in my eyes seem to be a bit reversed. Virgin is the take no prisoners bad ass and the duke’s son is compassionate, uncommon for something from this time period. My only problem is that I feel that more could have been done in this issue. The ending could’ve had more impact and the reason for Virgin’s crusade could’ve been made clearer.


Max Bartomucci’s pencil’s and inks add something of a rustic look to the piece. It’s exactly how I imagine medieval France should look and feel like. The bar at the beginning of the story looks unsanitary in an authentic way. Adriana De Los Santos’ coloring is a great compliment to the illustrations. They are vivid when they need to be, like in the case of Virgin’s golden hair and subdued like in the brick work of the buildings.

The Real

This was a great showing from writer Alverne Ball and his creative team. The villains were despicable, the heroes likable, and the action was fast paced. I look forward to seeing more of this series and more from its writer. You can find Virgin Wolf # 1 on:

Rating 4.5/5

Maxwell’s Mini Reviews: Chained Gun Vol. 1

I recently got around to reading Chained Gun Vol.1, a graphic novel created by Donny Morris and published by LGM books. Upon first glance, CG didn’t look spectacular, but then again most gems don’t. Chained Gun tells the story of Gallie “The Gun” a freed slave living in the American West. Our hero was raised by a mysterious man along with other orphan’s who were experimented on for the purpose of evolution. He and two of his adopted siblings escape, then join the union army during the civil war. They gain fame as great warriors, but Donovan Taft, one of the trio, betrays their allies,killing their whole platoon save for Gallie and his bother Ghost Hawk. Gallie, who stands accused of the crime, must now fight to clear his name and finally gain his freedom.

 + The art perfectly sets the tone of the world.
 + Gallie’s character is cool and sympathetic.    
 + Adalina is a strong female character.
 + Story compels and engages 


  Art is at times inconsistent and hard to follow.
Donovan’s betrayal is never explained. 

Rating: 4/5

 You can purchase Chained Gun Vol 1 on

Preview: Askari Hodari

Writer: Glenn Brewer

Artist: Glenn Brewer

Publisher: Glenn Brewer

Askari Hodari is the story of three men fighting crime, poverty, and inequality in the fictional city of New Buscoll.   For years, the underworld of New Buscoll was run by the Giovanni crime family.  The drug trade flourished.  Violent crimes and poverty plagued the city until the arrival of Dietrick Romellus and the Askari Hodari.  Dietrick resurrected the organization that his father began and set out to rid New Buscoll of the Giovanni’s.  Armed with high tech armor, ammunition and veiled in anonymity, the three men began to chip away at the Giovanni Empire.