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Lime Rind the Rouge Samurai # 1

“ The sheep continued to reek havoc.”
Let me start by saying that I have no idea what Lime Rind is about. Yes I’ve read the issue front to back but none of it makes sense to me. It’s as if Deadpool and Fooly Cooly had a baby named Lime Rind. The story starts out narrated by a disembodied voice that has a cactus that was originally a woman named Daisy Shandelear that was turned into a cactus by extra-terrestrial sheep who are again attacking the earth. The sheep’s Body odor then transforms a normal house cat into our hero Lime Rind: Rouge Samurai (yes that’s her whole name).  The character seems to be inspired by a certain magical schoolgirl and is able to cough up magical hair balls to ensnare her opponents decides that the invasion of earth isn’t quite as important as defeating the evil door to door salesmen who comes out to here desert dojo. The story ends off with her Daisy and her(Lime’s) sister who speaks in endless Haiku eating tofu with wasabi sauce on it.  The art was inconsistent but the colors worked very well especially vivid green of Lime Rind’s hair coupled with the red and blue of her costume. It would have been nice to see other things in the book were as vividly colored.
Again, the story was all over the place and that was clearly for comedy’s sake however the jokes fell flat on me. You can pick this one up at
Rating 1/5

Angel Savior review 1,2,&3

Angel Savior 1,2 and 3 review
By Rachaun Rogers
“ In the beginning…”

I just took a look at the Angel savior comic written and drawn by Jason Richardson. It reminds me of Go Nagi’s Devilman, which is good; the art suits the story well but is sometimes inconsistent. The story is about a young man who is also the angel of death going to war with Hell’s legion and attempting to prevent the apocalypse. The fight scenes in this come straight out of Dragon Ball Z and manage to be over the top with out being cheesy as the cities get laid to waste and volley’s of energy fly this way and that. The book has heavy Christian overtones with scenes straight out of the Bible if you’re into that sort of thing, being neither Christian nor religious I viewed it more as an expansion of the stories mythos.

There were some interesting reveals and back-story in this series one a bit predictable and the other a nice surprise that left me wanting to know more. I found myself wanting to know more about certain things mainly why Jason descended to earth, as well as how he and Lisa met. There is another dynamic that I like in this story that I really like and would like to see more of, that is the relationship between the villains. Jason’s nemesis Animus is the son of Satan who’s half-brother Hardin is constantly battling him for the throne.  Their war is extensions of their mothers desire to be with the dark lord, a bloody battle that has been raging for ages. This is interesting to me as it gives the villains a human element that makes me a bit more invested in them than the hero at this point.

This is a good thing because every great and compelling hero has great and compelling villains that being said this has the potential to be a very interesting story and I’m looking forward to seeing how it shapes up. You can find the comics on in both digital and print formats.
4/5 rating

Super Bounty J1 Review

Super Bounty J1 Review
by Rachaun Rogers
“Solve all your problems with Pandas.”
 Super Bounty J1 starts off with it’s title character blasting a large black cyborg named Sin into the concrete and keeps up a steady pace of action and comedy from there. I don’t tend to smile when reading comics but this one got me, the art style while not the best in the world evokes classic Capcom comics nostalgia that reminds me my time in arcades as a boy. There are some great scenes here like when J1 uses an uppercut complete with shoryuken motions to KO Sin once and for all, which had me grinning from ear to ear. 
This being said I had two issues with the comic one big and the other small. The first being that we don’t know where J1 comes from; I’m a comics fan and I like a little back story about how things came to be and how ended up in the position their in, but maybe that will come with the expansion of the series. The second thing is that the world seems small, what does the populace think of the Bounty hunters? Is this the same earth we live on only in the future? Being that this falls into the Cyberpunk genre, (which I love) is this a dystopian society? All of these again can be answered with future issues. 

Speaking of issues, when you buy the main book Super Bounty J1 #1 you get behind the scenes art, back story on J1 and other characters, as well as spoilers for future stories.  In the long run this was a fun book not the best I’ve ever read but if you’re looking for action, laughs and fighting game nostalgia check it out. 
Rating 3.5/5