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Preview: Askari Hodari

Writer: Glenn Brewer

Artist: Glenn Brewer

Publisher: Glenn Brewer

Askari Hodari is the story of three men fighting crime, poverty, and inequality in the fictional city of New Buscoll.   For years, the underworld of New Buscoll was run by the Giovanni crime family.  The drug trade flourished.  Violent crimes and poverty plagued the city until the arrival of Dietrick Romellus and the Askari Hodari.  Dietrick resurrected the organization that his father began and set out to rid New Buscoll of the Giovanni’s.  Armed with high tech armor, ammunition and veiled in anonymity, the three men began to chip away at the Giovanni Empire.  


Preview: Trainwrecked #1

Written By: Lonnie Lowe Jr.

 Artwork By : Wolly McNair
Publisher: Dark City Comics
Trainwrecked!! A teaser of what’s to come in the Dark City Comics Universe as our heroes Alloy and Torque are pitted against a powerful force unlike anything they’ve ever seen. Alloy and Torque is set to be a nonstop, action packed series of true heroism and self discovery

Preview: Swag Patrol # 1

Written by : Rubyn Warren II

Artwork by: Raymond Sanders 

Publisher: Fantasy Art Comics

Super speed and fire; force fields and flight; energy and strength. Those are the powers of Kongo City’s newest heroes, K-Swag, Mindset, and Blaze, collectively known as, Swag Patrol. With the help of their science teacher, Dr. Tre and K-Swag’s friend, Lawrence, Swag Patrol defends their precious city while trying to keep curfew.