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The day the sun goes black.

Tomorrow I come off of my hiatus. Self imposed exile is a good way to see if you truly love what you do, it is also a good indicator of whether or not you are what you do.

I return on a black, horse carrying a black banner with a golden sun at its center. The heavens will know me as they know my brethren and we shall once again stand and shake their pillars.

Not dead, just dreaming

So, I’m not closing up shop. I am a writer and it I wasn’t I’d go insane. I’m trying to do some restructuring, I need to get my comic projects together and test some old ones. I’m cutting back on mainstream reviews, I’ll leave those to Newsarama and CBR (Comic Book Resources). There are a lot of indie creators, who I know that need exposure and I want to help them get it. So when I come back you’ll know what to expect.


I’m going on hiatus for a while. I need to reevaluate my life, my choices , and what I want to do with any of the things I’ve written. I also need to see if I’m even an actual writer or just a guy who writes. I had a vision to discover my most perfect form of self expression, and influence the way people view art in the future. I must now decide whether or not either of those things are important. See you on the other side of forever.

The Hiatus,definitely?

So I have returned home to Brooklyn, New York and it is great to be back. I have been taking a break from writing articles, reviews and nerd up news reports to look for a job and re-acclimate to the city. The pod cast seems to be on pause right now as well and if that wasn’t enough my anticipated comic Extra/Ordinary is on hold for editing an reworking. I do however have something new coming down the pipeline so keep an eye out.  I shall return.

Nerd up report. (04/10/2013) Back dated.


Never Ending Sagas

Yesterday Warner Bros. Games has announced that they will be taking over Rock Steady’s Arkham franchise for the next installment of Batman games. This could be a very bad thing or a very good thing, bad because they could ruin the franchise myself and so many other love. Good because we may get a unified game universe from them sometime in the future. The Bad weighs heavier than the good in my opinion as DC WB’s has been making very poor decision as of late regarding not only their comic book properties, their cancellation of Young Justice and Green Lantern Corps. I’d love it if this game were unto Arkham city as it was to Arkham Asylum and just kept getting better and with Deathstroke the Terminator (That’s Right!) as the main antagonist along with five other assassins I’ll make an effort to hold out hope.

Also Apple pulled Saga #12 from its online store because of two “postage stamp size” scenes of gay sex. Brian K Vaughn one of the series creators explained that they could’ve edited the Images but they weren’t there for shock value or their own sake so and I quote “They’re not changing shit.” In response to this Comixology released a statement claiming that Apple didn’t pull Saga #12 but will be releasing it at a later date due to some guideline issues, I honestly don’t know what to make of this because the reaction is reminiscent of DC’s constant damage control after doing something that doesn’t turn out well for them so we shall se. .  Lastly I’d like to pour a little something for the departure of Nigerian writer and patriot Chinua Achebe hailed as the African Shakespeare for his novel “Things fall apart” who passed away last week at 82. I’m an Ancient African History nerd so his novels were really important to me on beginning my journey toward African studies. He will be missed
And that’s it’s for this report so chill out and Nerd Up!.